Atlas HS

Single Jersey High Speed Machine Without Sinkers.

Large Diameter Atlas HS Catalog

  • The single jersey fabric produced without sinkers, avoid the risk of any sinker lines in the fabric.
  • It also avoids the distortion of loops created by the movement of sinkers.
  • The technology allows to knit tighter loop lengths than what is possible with any single jersey machine with sinkers.
  • The machine is equipped with special holding-down jacks (patented by Santoni) which helps in quick re-starting of the fabric, after a fabric press-off.
  • Machine can receive up to 2 cam tracks on the cylinder. It is available with tubular as well as with open width frame.
  • Stitch formation allows a closer stitch adjustement.
  • Camboxes are very light, made out of a special aluminum alloy named “Ergal” having a great heat dissipation property.
  • Ergal is capable to avoid dimensional changes due to the variation of temperature between the starting and the regular running of the machine.
  • The yarn carrier head is made of Black Zirconium, it allows a better visibility of the elastomer.
  • The yarn carrier is fixed to a ring for an easy setting.
  • The Atlas HS line technology with its reduced friction between the parts has allowed for distinct reduction in energy consumption.