DSC Touch 7” Black Edition

DSC Touch 7” Black Edition

Dinema, with over twenty years of experience in designing different DATA COLLECTION SYSTEMS such as DACSY, and MDS/DCN with hundreds of plant installed all over the world, has created a NEW production monitoring and control system in real time.

Dinema DSC Touch 7” Catalog

There is the possibility of using DSC TOUCH V.2 in an automatic way and therefore getting not only a measuring but the relevant automatic correction of the machine program too. The automatic correction will adjust the size to the requested one.

DSC TOUCH V.3 is equipped with a functional and intuitive touch screen command panel 7” and with a software developed with Android operating system. DSC TOUCH V.3 is a portable device, provided with rechargeable batteries, which can be easily moved inside knitting rooms.

Main technical data DSC TOUCH 7” Black edition:

  • Android operating system;
  • Electronic measuring control;
  • Excellent mobility of the device thanks to the side handles and the low weight;
  • Extension strenght can be set from 100 gr. Up to 10 Kg;
  • Lenght can be measured from 14cm. Up to 430cm. For the Pantyhose version, and from 9cm. up to 160cm for the men/child version;
  • Minimum width from 13cm. for the pantyhose version and 9,5cm. for the men/child version;
  • Kit (optional) for the measurement of partial (leg, foot, ecc. ecc.);
  • Autonomy up to 500 measuring operations;
  • Battery charger included.

The innovations compared to the previous version:

  • New user interface composed by a capacitive 7” display touch screen module;
  • New Dinema hardware composed by CPU bar with IMX6 Quad Core microprocessor and multifunction complement bar;
  • Optional WI-FI connectivity and other types of wireless connections, n°2 USB Type A input + n°1 USB Type B input;
  • Android KITKAT 4.4 operating system: in addition to the installed features (internet browser, e-mail, Skype, APP Store, etc.), it allows the client to develop and implement proprietary APPs to use measurement data deriving from the device;
  • “High/low” display slope to let the user decide the viewing angle;
  • Display rotation from 0° to 90° for “letter” or “wide screen” vision;
  • Also available with optional extras.