Single basket rotary machine for dyeing, washing and spinning of packaged garments, hosiery and seamless patterns.

Flainox Catalog

  • Max. operating temperature 98 ° C (105 ° C on request)
  • Machine completely built in high thickness AISI 316 / L stainless steel
  • Carefully finished single basket
  • High speed centrifuge with hydraulic balancing
  • Basket rotation speed controlled by inverter.
  • Automatic make-up function at minimum level (ECO-LEVEL).
  • Function of reuse of cooling water for washing start (ECO-RINSE).
  • Function “ECO-SHOWER”: allows to recirculate. rain \ “the dye bath from the top of the machine directly in the material holder basket allowing to work with reduced bath ratios. The system is enhanced in the washing phase with significant savings in water and time.
  • UTILITY SAVING KIT (USK): allows monitoring of consumption and the quality level of the bathroom during the washing phase with the aim of reduce consumption and environmental impact.
  • Soft injection function and special resins directly from the center of the material holder basket, allowing great product savings.
  • Preparation for thermal and hydraulic connections.
  • Stainless steel control panel.
  • PC. Industrial FLAINOX with remote online assistance
  • Electrolytic polishing of the basket
  • Visual level of the bath
  • Bivalent barrel for the solution of sulphate.