HF 50-60

Single cylinder 4 feed machine with integral electronic control for the production of special garments and accessories for seamless products.

Matec HF 50-60 Catalog

  • Single cylinder 4 feed machine with 9mm latch needles available from diam 5”or 6”, with an HF type needle-by-needle selection point at each feed for the production of floated patterns and reinforced patterns using up to 3 colours plus the ground.
  • Yarn groups are equipped with 9 yarningers on each feed and step motors to control the angular position of the two plating yarn fingers.
  • Sinker cap is fi tted with three step motors for the following functions: cap angular movement, “sinkers-press” cams movement and plating yarningers tangential movement.
  • Motorized dial arm with vertical movement controlled by step motor for unlimited height positions.
  • Stitch cams are pneumatically extractable and driven by step motors for programmable lowering of the stitch cam either down and up (and also dipping) following the graphic profi le in diff erent areas of the garment. Stitch cams have the variable profile system (V.P.S.) to optimise the speed in different areas of the garment.
  • Dial arm support ready for the knitting of 8 lycra + 2 for the waistband.
  • Pre-setting and programming for diff erent kinds of yarn feeding devices.
  • All functions electronically controlled. Self-protection on all functions and always active self diagnostics.
  • Programming styles and sizes, patterns editing and stitch cam lowering by Personal Computer and powerful graphic software for Windows environment.
  • Computer-machine connection by cable (RS 232). Keyboard with graphic display for selection of styles, sizes, patterns and other functions.
  • Possible connection to NAUTILUS to record production data and to monitor the knitting room status.