Single cylinder model, with one ground feed, for the production of quality hosiery, incorporating multi-colour designs. Thanks to advanced technology, HT1 is a machine that combines productivity and quality, without compromising the ease and simplicity of everyday use.

Sangiacomo HT1-HTE-HTES Catalog

  • Machine: single ground feed, 7 striper units, 7 electronic needle selection stations, allowing individual needle selection, on any part of the knitted article.
  • Yarn fingers units: 8 fingers at the ground feed;
  • 1 finger for elastomeric yarns standard (second finger for elastic yarns optional).
  • Yarn fingers for colour:
    • HT1: 3 fingers at each of the 6 colours selecting stations;
    • HTE: 3 fingers at each of the 5 colours selecting stations;
    • HTES: 3 fingers at each of the 4 colours selecting stations.
  • Stitch length regulation: by individually controlled step motors.
  • Programmation: by Digraph3 Plus computer system, which is also predisposed for the Nautilus production information analysis system.
  • Diameters: 3” ¼ – 3” ¾.
  • No. of needles: from 64 to 240.
  • Needle thickness factor: from 24 to 54.
  • Weight: kg 300 approx. – kg 340 approx. with Classic Linking device (closed toe)
  • Textile Features: knitted motifs of up to 6 colours plus the ground yarn within the same course, the total facility is 18 colours plus 2 ground colours.
  • Fabric possibilities include: plain fabric, standard terry, plated terry, 3-D. designs, openwork designs, jacquard terry design insertions, also in the heel and toe (optional), plus double welt (mock rib) borders incorporating tuck stitch techniques, plus a motif facility of up 6 colours. Classic Linking (stitch by stitch): traditional toe closing device supplied together with the Universal Turning device able to reverse all types of socks.
  • Digraph3 Plus: software design by Dinema.
  • Production data collection: optional on request “NAUTILUS” system by Dinema.