Long a synonym for quality, SAXONIA has been a leading international supplier of parts and components for Raschel machines for many years now. Our product range is rounded off with an extensive range of Raschel needles. Customers around the world use Raschel needles, both stamped and wire, from our product range.

Saxonia Raschel Katalog

  • Manufacture of guide needles, pattern guides, Raschel needles and sinkers to the highest standards in terms of rounding, dimensional accuracy, repeat accuracy and thickness.
  • Perfect stamping technology combined with optimum rounding
  • Perfect quality for stripe-free products, even with extremely fine materials.
  • We build our own tools and machines
  • We use state-of-the-art production technologies and highly automated manufacturing processes to ensure consistently high quality standards
  • We combine chemical and mechanical processes to ensure optimum rounding and very good wear resistance
  • OEM cooperation means meeting the toughest requirements and providing innovative solutions