Zenit 2.4 JE

Single Jersey Electronic Jacquard with 3-way-technique suitable for the production of Single Jersey structured fabric with effects and Jacquard.

Large Diameter Zenit 2.4 JE Catalog

  • The New Zenit 2.4 JE with 2.4 feeds per inch of diameter is the first jacquard machine with a piezo selection built in the cam boxes.
  • Thanks to its revolutionary knitting-head design, the ZENIT 2.4 JE set a new standard in jacquard knitting.
  • The cam box integrating the electronic selection and the reduced cylinder height allow an incredible user-friendly operation that simplify the machine settings, handling and maintenance.
  • The compact design and the modern material utilized (like the special Ergal aluminum alloy of the cam boxes) enable a drastic reduction of the machine temperature, mechanical friction and consequent working noise.
  • The ZENIT 2.4 JE shares most of the knitting elements (including the needles) with some other very popular SANTONI machines.
  • The consumables parts are already available worldwide at competitive price compared with traditional jacquard machines.
  • Each feed is fitted with 3-way-technique electronic needle selection by means of piezo-ceramic (built-in 144 light camboxes).
  • The 3-way-tecnique allow to produce a wide range of stitches such as jacquard with 2 or more colours, jacquard with float, piquè and two thread fleece jacquard, drop stitches and very good plated fabric with elastomer.
  • The special black zirconium yarn carrier guarantee a perfect plated fabric. Available with tubular as well as open width frame (standard and industrial) equipped with electric cutting unit and opening system by oblique rolls.