Diagraph 3+

Diagraph 3+

Diagraph 3+ is an advanced graphic system planned for designers, illustrators and innovators in textile for knitwear and socks factory.

Dinema Diagraph 3+ Catalog

Diagraph 3+ is entirely designed by Dinema. With Digraph 3+ it is possible to take advantage of as many as possible Lonati’s, Santoni’s and Sangiacomo’s manifacturing: this system is composed by programs that interact one another, giving the user the chance to work with just one tool that is capable of satisfying requirements and fully facilitating every procedure.

Digraph 3+ is enhanced by a wide range of projects, equipped with technical data sheet. It allows to export a program or a project that can immediately be used by the equipment or imported to be modified.

The system consent to work with different projecsts or items simultaneously, to copy and/or export single parts. The network connection of one or more Diagraph 3+ access, allows to share programs from operators at the same time.