Single cylinder 4 feeds with electronic control for ladies hosiery.

Matec Prestige Catalog

  • Plain fabric, run proof, micromesh, reinforced band, reinforced and floated patterns.
  • Sinker cap with 2 or 3 stepping motors.
  • Motorized dial arm with vertical movement through stepping motor for unlimited height positions. “VM”system on the four feeds.
  • Stitch cams with indipendent variable profi le system (I.V.P.S.) T.A.C.S. system on 6 selection points.
  • P. H. (Plating Help) system on yarningers for plating control.
  • Electronic needle/needle selection by single magnet HF system.
  • Programmable and variable stitch cam lowering in diff erent areas of stocking up to 1,2 mm by stepping motors on each feed.
  • Possibility of fast displacing stitch cams up or down according to ghaphics for shaping of style.
  • All functions electronically controlled. Self-protection on all functions and always active self-diagnostics. Back-up battery.
  • Programming styles and sizes, patterns editing and stitch cam lowering by Personal Computer and powerful graphic software for Windows environment.
  • Computer-machine cable connection (RS 232). Keyboard with graphic display for selection of styles, sizes, patterns and other functions.
  • Pre-setting and programming for diff erent kinds of yarn feeding devices. Possible connection to NAUTILUS to record production data and to monitor the knitting room status.