Rotary machine for dyeing of garments, socks and seamless at high temperature.

Flainox Catalog

  • High temperature version (135 ° C).
  • Machine completely built in high tickness stainless steel AISI 316 / L.
  • Drum divided into 3 compartments.
  • High speed centrifuge with hydraulic balancing.
  • Drum rotation speed controlled by inverter.
  • Automatic reintegration function at minimum level (ECO-LEVEL).
  • Cooling water reuse function to start washing (ECO-RINSE).
  • UTILITY SAVING KIT (USK): designed for monitoring consumption and the dye bath quality level during the washing phase with the aim of reducing consumption and environmental impact.
  • Preparation for thermal and hydraulic connections.
  • Stainless steel control panel.
  • FLAINOX Industrial PC with remote online assistance.
  • Electrolytic polishing of the drum.
  • Dye bath visual level.
  • Tank for the sulphate solution.