Piezo Modules

Piezo Modules

Single needle selection for Jacquard machines, Raschel machines, Circular knitting machines and for Warp knitting machines.

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Flexible textile production based on Piezo technology: Piezo Electronic single needle selection offer considerable advantages compared to mechanical selection. Benefit from more pattern possibilities and shorter pattern change-over times. By collaborating with leading manufacturers of circular knitting machines Johnson Matthey Piezo Products has steadily expanded and perfected the functionality and performance of its modules.

Due to the technical advantages of Piezo technology, Piezoceramic based needle selection systems are in many ways better compared to traditional magnetic selection. The high selection speed of the actuators increases productivity, low energy consumption reduces energy costs.

As the module hardly heats up, it does not require cooling. The compact design of the Piezoelectric elements allows a high number of modules to be fitted into the machine. The reliability of the individual components ensures a long life time.

Modules for electronic single needle selection

Johnson Matthey Piezo Products has decades of experience in the production of Piezoelectric ceramics. At the same time, the company has core competencies in the development of electronics and the design of mechanical components. Based on these competencies and in close partnership with leading manufacturers of textile machinery we developed modules with Piezoceramic actuators for electronic single needle selection. The modules for circular knitting machines are well established on the market under the brand name of SITEX.

Millions of Piezoceramic bending actuators are incorporated in segments and modules of machines for single needle selection used by numerous manufacturers worldwide. The first jacquard machines with Piezoceramic components mounted on actuating electronics produced by Johnson Matthey were introduced into the market in the early nineties. Segments and modules with Piezoceramic actuators, some equipped with electronics, for warp knitting and circular knitting machines, followed in the mid-nineties.

Technical features of Piezoelectric actuators

Due to the activation of the Piezoelectric actuator being exclusively in the direction of polarization with the associated refreshment, the SITEX circular knitting modules have a lifetime of far more than a billion operations.

A special coating on the Piezoelectric and the electronic components ensures optimal protection against harsh environmental conditions and most aggressive oils and thus allows for a long life time, significantly increasing reliability and performance in comparison to other solutions. The actuating electronics are protected and compactly integrated into the module housing.

The construction and design of the module ensure even heat distribution thus maintaining the properties of the Piezoelectric ceramics.